Looking backThere are a number of scandals going on – the list is endless. This government has decided to keep us busy however he is not keeping us busy with new projects or some innovative ideas but with scandals and broken promises. Shame. What is also so scandalous is the fact that this government is trying to point fingers at the PN and its past.

Should it not have done this when it was in Opposition? And pointing at the PN is just not the answer or the way forward. Labour is in government and it is the government’s responsibility to get us through the next three years – hopefully we will still be in one piece until then.

People voted for “change” so looking backwards is in itself contradictory to what was promised. And if we were to look backwards then I would also look at all the great achievements the PN have achieved when in government.

Malta and Gozo would not be where we are today – from joining the European Union to getting through a global recession, to foreign investment, to more jobs and much much more. So given a choice I would choose PN and this is why I chose to join this party. It is a party that gives Maltese and Gozitans opportunities, a party that believes in its people, a party that has vision, a party that keeps taking Malta and Gozo to the next levels – levels which this government will not get us to (unless you are one of the chosen few!).

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