Awareness Vs Embarrassment – the fight against breast cancer

Breast AwareI was in two minds on whether to share this post or not, because I have to admit, it’s somewhat embarrassing. But then I decided that awareness should always win over embarrassment, so here goes…

A few months ago I had my breasts checked. No big deal right? Right, except that I did this out of sheer inexplicable panic. My son was only a few months old at the time and just out of nowhere, this terrifying feeling that something might be wrong with me, besieged me. I just couldn’t get the thought that something was wrong with my breasts, out of my mind. I will never forget how I woke up in a sweat, fearing the worst. I looked at my son in the middle of the night and prayed “please God not now.”

Later I learnt that it is quite normal to feel this kind of fear after having a baby, but that night no comfort from my husband and a dear friend who I called at 5a.m. would calm me down.

That same morning I went and got checked. I cannot start to describe the relief I felt when the doctor confirmed that all was OK.

Did I over react? Perhaps.

Did I worry way too much? Probably, and now I know that this fear must have been a result of losing my dad to pancreatic cancer, as well as and my uncle, and cousin. A few months back a friend had also lost a sister to cancer, and she left three beautiful children behind.

Do I think it was silly of me to go and check? NO.

I come across as a strong woman (or so I’m told) but, like most people out there, there is this horrible fear I live with – the fear of cancer. But fear should not paralyse us, if we are to stand a fighting chance we should never procrastinate. Overcome that fear and go get checked today. It’s the only way we can beat cancer together.

I dedicate this post to family members who we lost to cancer and to all the families who have had to face this terrible disease.

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