Equality yes, but not at the cost of the Constitution

EqualityAs most can imagine, I’m all for equal rights, and the need for the gender balance to be addressed across the board, and especially within the higher echelons of society. That said however, I do not condone the practice of appointing women to certain posts if they are not qualified or experienced enough for the role.
Doing so is a disservice to the women in question, to women at large, and ultimately to the rest of society.

The controversial Magistrates’ appointments that hijacked our headlines this past week, is just one sad example of how it has become normal practice to bend standards and adopt mediocrity just to accommodate a few even at the cost of breaking the most supreme law of a country – The Constitution.

Such unjustified appointments wrongly imply that there aren’t qualified and experienced women to choose from. This, I can assure you, is not the case. There are many other women that could be appointed to these posts without anyone raising an eyebrow. So the question remains, what could possibly be so important to have a Government publicly and blatantly breach The Constitution for?

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