Dear Minister Owen Bonnici

I must admit that today’s headlines in the Sunday Times caught my attention and I picked up the paper with great eagerness to read your interview. I was in hope that you would acknowledge your mistake, eat some humble pie and you will focus on the real urgent needs of our judicial system.


Owen BonniciI was wrong, very wrong and I actually have one other question for you – what is it that is making you so hard headed and why is it that you will not listen to well meant (professional) advice?

I think you (your government) has an obligation to fulfil towards the speaker (and his daughter) and that obligation is such that even if you would like to listen you cannot and you will not.

This in itself does mean that you are being irresponsible and the common good is not prevailing. I am sure just like the rest of us in the legal profession , you very well know that seeking legal advice when you are directly involved is the best thing to do – this is because we may not be objective when we advise ourselves.

Needless to say I was fuming when I read your comment re appointing women to the judicature. Thank you for thinking of us. I am all for equal opportunities but not at the expense of recruiting the wrong woman for the job and at the expense of breaching the highest law of the land.

This is a disservice to women and to society as a whole.

In your interview you say that in the end it is your responsibility – yes it is but it is your responsibility to do the right thing for the country’s justice system and to stand for what is right despite the fact that you may have all the forces against you.

I take this opportunity to wish you the very best and I look forward to hearing more about the reform you promised – who knows you may get round to it just before the election!

All the best

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