Many of us wake up every morning and go to work. We work hard. We try to juggle and somehow try to achieve the bliss of work life balance. Some us even find it hard to make ends meet and some are suffering. In factin the last years poverty has increased.

Konrad MizziThis is the way it is but we all get on with it and we keep at it. Then there are those few who thanks to us voting for them are having it good – really good. It was already bad enough that Minister Mizzi’s wife was given a contract (which we are yet to see) of 13,000 euro a month yes 13,000 but the plot thickens. We have now discovered that our Minister has a trust in New Zealand and a shell company in Panama.

I am not financial expert but it only takes some research to find out what Panama is about – corruption and secrecy. I can hear you say ‘but we don’t know more and should not judge.’ This is the problem – will we find out more ? and worse still will we find out the truth? Quite frankly having this financial set up is already bad enough and we must raise the questions. We cannot be led by people who are dealing with the country’s money directly involved in these corrupt and secret set ups. It is just not on. Full stop.

There is not even one justification I can think of and our Prime Minister needs to decide whose side he is on – ours or his. It looks like it is the Minister’s and this begs the other million dollar question why? And why did he want him so close (deputy leader)?

There is light at the end of the tunnel – we have the power to vote and it is our hands, mine and yours, to say time is up and we want our hard earned money to be distributed fairly and not in in a few pockets. We are of course happy to wave good bye and see them off to Panama!

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