stand up and be countedSunday afternoons is that last day of our weekend (at least for many of us) that we try to enjoy to the last second before thinking about work the following day. So many may ask ‘why should I go to a protest?’ ‘What for when I can use my time to relax?’ Because we should and must stand together to be heard. We need to take a stand against what is going on no matter who we voted for and no matter which party we support.

There are actions (and omissions) which we cannot accept. We cannot tolerate. We cannot sit at home and relax and pretend all is ok – because not all is ok. We cannot sit at home and pretend this is a bad dream – because it is the reality we are facing. And we cannot sit at home and relax and let the people we voted for (in particular those few) fool us and think we are ok about it.

We need to pull through together and show that the power is actually in our hands. Let us say no to corruption and let us say yes to change – a true change and not a fake promise. I will be going on Sunday to protest and I hope to be standing beside you and voicing with you our stand against corruption.

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