Edward 13monthsMy dear Edward,

you are only 13 months old, but in years to come you will understand why on the 8th of March (and most days in between) I will be reminding you about equality and equal opportunities.

Whilst I hope that by the time that you become a young man, equality would have taken major steps ahead, I have no doubt that there would still be lots to be done and work for.

Edward, it is important that we remember that although women are on one side of the gender spectrum, they may come from different walks of life, in different shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds and cultures.

If I do my job right you should grow up knowing and believing all this, but just in case, here’s a reminder my dear son :

  • To the woman who is suffering, we must give a helping hand.
  • To the woman who has lost a child, we must give courage.
  • To the woman who works and tries to balance work and life we must give the right support.
  • To the woman who loves another woman, we give our best wishes and happily attend the wedding
  • To the woman who’s successful in business and public life, we give our thumbs up

Edward, if things don’t take off full speed ahead, at this rate it will take more than another 100 years for women to achieve equality. So, no matter what happens, we must keep empowering women. I hope that when the time comes, you will join me in doing so and just like today we will celebrate International Women’s day together.

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