Konrad-Mizzi-Parlament-Isteriku-1-270515The Panama scandal does not seem to be one that is going to go away even though our Government must have hoped so. The fact that Minister Mizzi opted for this very secret and shady country to open a company was immediately worrying to say the least and the plot thickens with an international scandal which sheds even further light on how Panama helps you hide your wealth and avoid paying taxes. And the million dollar question is why hide your wealth?. It has now been weeks since the scandal of Minister Mizzi and Keith Schembri broke but our Prime Minister is not budging. He keeps protecting them. We are still waiting for answers. Answers we may never have. We wait for actions. Actions which may never come to fruition. This government is not what we deserve and this government keeps hanging on to its power – power which is being abused. We have another 2 years before an election and 2 years is a very long time for a country to be in this limbo. Too many questions are remaining unanswered. We have a Prime Minister who is weak or who is heavily involved – none make a good Prime Minister. Time is up Mr. Prime Minister – you had your chance and you messed it up. ‪#‎barra‬

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