Stand up and be counted

protestI remember protesting in my student days and I remember clearly how worried my parents were because it was a big protest and we took to the streets. I must admit that I was held in a room and questioned.


This was mid-90’s and some of you may remember it and were probably involved in it (6th form Msida – now known as Junior College). I strongly believe that it is important to stand and be counted –  always have. And it is for this reason that I changed my flight ticket (as I am currently away) to fly back to Malta sooner, to be there on Sunday – to stand and be counted.


I am so strongly against what is going on in Malta. I am so angry that this government has got us to the lowest level one can possibly be at as a democratic county.  And no this is not ok and no this is not to be compared to X, Y or Z for two reasons – there is nothing in comparison to this scandal and even if there were, corruption is corruption and can never be justified and should never be justified.


This government has broken far too many promises and just for this reason alone, this government is not fit to govern. I have said it before and have no qualms in saying it again – I voted PN is the last election but I was keen to see what this government had to offer but this has just led to one disappointment after another.


I was at the first protest against corruption and I will be at the second one on Sunday and I appeal to you to join – whoever you voted for and whichever party you support. This is about our country. This is about being a true Maltese/Gozitan citizen. See you on Sunday!

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