12986964_695062010632632_7392924092390673495_nI must admit that there are days when I truly ask myself whether running for the general election was/is a good idea. It is hard work and it is a very overwhelming experience with lots of sacrifices that come with it. But then I know that deep down it is the right thing to do. And when like yesterday, at Ghar id Dud I hear Simon Busuttil speak, any moment of doubt I have is washed away. He is so factual, so real and yet so passionate – I then know that every sacrifice is worth it and I strongly believe that good will reign and Malta will see the light again.

13063068_695061997299300_1979866495704942341_oIt was over one year and a half ago that I accepted to be part of the PN party and I always believed that by time people will realise what Labour is all about and that the true colours of the Labour party will come out. What I thought then is proving to be right now and I am glad to be part of the change the PN has been going through. A change to the better. A change which will have us , our country, with better standards. A change for the future and the beauty of it all is that it rests with all of us – me and you.

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