konrad reshuffle
I have been, since the announcement of the so called reshuffle, trying to get my head round this move by our Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. I cannot believe that it took him two whole months to get to a situation which is in actual fact not much different than before. Actually I think we are in an even worse position than we were before – he has reinforced what many think – his agenda is to protect those closest to him and this in turn means to protect himself. Why else keep the energy portfolio wrapped under his wing? Why else reinstate Manuel Mallia? And why else keep Konrad Mizzi as a Minister and Keith Schembri as chief of staff.

It has been stated that Joseph Muscat made no decision at all. To me he has made a decision – he decided to stay in power for the next two years, squeeze what him and his close group were planning to get in 5 years (instead of 10) and then run as fast as he can unless any of us give him the power to squeeze more out of us in a full 10 years. But I wholeheartedly believe that we are better than this and that we have now seen his true colours and no magic wand will make us forget this massive scandal and his lack of competence and/or unwillingness to take a much needed stand for our country. ‪#‎twoyearstogo‬ ‪#‎barra‬

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