Roselyn BorgI have been seeing a few posts on facebook with pictures and comments of May Day Mass meeting held by our Prime Minister. Besides the very important fact that he did not mention anything re the Panama Papers (of course to them this is completely irrelevant whilst it is of most relevance to most of us and to the international world) he also failed to tell all the workers that the Industrial Tribunal is still paralysed – still not functioning! Is this not important for workers to know? Should he have not told them that his government has drafted a law which seems to be “temporary” but it is still a Bill and is a far cry from what we really need? There are many workers who have pending cases or workers who has just instituted proceedings but to date have no hearing date. Is this what the government and his crowd were celebrating? Rather than spending two months figuring out how our PM is going to keep close by his side Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri he would have been better off doing some good for our country including a very basic thing like getting our Tribunal back on its feet.

What is the Industrial Tribunal and why is it so important that it is functioning?

The Industrial Tribunal is an independent juridical tribunal on matters relating to employment relations. The law which regulates the Industrial Tribunal is the Employment and Industrial Relations Act. If someone has been dismissed or has a case associated with employment for example a breach of the law with regard to a right they have, such as parental and maternity leave they can lodge a claim at the Industrial Tribunal and such Tribunal will provide a remedy such as compensation.

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