EdwardThis week Edward took his first ‘proper’ steps – he has been holding on and walking and doing one or two steps but this week he actually walked quite a few steps – I was over the moon and actually jumped with joy (I jumped a lot)! Must admit kept worrying whether he would walk – but I worry about everything!  But motherhood is not just about these great moments of joy – as any mum knows it is hard work and maybe at times we feel bad saying how hard it is or complain. However I must admit that I do complain and I miss (truly miss) my full night sleep and I do go in panic mode sometimes when I just see him cry for no apparent reason (or let us say I do not understand why he is crying although baby TV seems to work magic!) I never seem to be doing enough and yes it is tiring. Oh and I broke all the rules in the book – but as someone told me ‘just do what works’ and this is my message on Mother’s Day – every child is unique and everyone has their own way so it is ok to do what you think is best.
On this special day I also think of single mums or mums who lost a child or are trying for a baby or children who lost their mother.

I cannot conclude without mentioning my mum – my pillar – thanks ma – no idea how I would cope without you – don’t even want to think about it.

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