booksI graduated 14 years ago and I still have dreams that I have exams to sit for to become a lawyer! Despite the fact that it has been a while since I graduated I guess those University days stay with you forever and let’s face it how can one forget exam time?

I know that many students are right now getting ready for exams and I would like to wish you all a massive good luck. I know studying can be a pain but it is really worth it in the end, and nothing beats graduation celebrations. The way I look at it is that a few months of studying is the necessary hard work for a lifetime career.

This is how I used to get through my studying:

– Treat myself to something every few hours (it was normally a chilled soft drink)
– Call some friends and discuss topics – somehow when you discuss a topic you remember it better
-Leave the difficult stuff for my peak times (I am a morning person)
– Use my highlighter a lot and I would use chart size paper and write it all on one big page
– On way to exam keep reading (at the traffic lights) – not ideal so I would not recommend this one
-Praying that I will pass and get my parents to pray a lot!

Funniest moment – well now it is funny as then it was not – I had to pick up two friends and after I picked one – we chatted all the way to Uni and once we got there realised we never picked up the other friend! Needless to say went back for him and made it on time for our exam.

Good luck to all!

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