iraI must admit I am not really a music person and my husband always jokes about this fact – I never seem to know who sings what! But I do like the Eurovision and I am the kind of person to get anxious until I know the results.

Yesterday we had to wait until the very last second to know that Ira was through and what a relief that was. Also these kind of events bring us together as a nation and I like that – actually I really like it especially since lately we have had (and still have ) a lot of negative issues in Malta.

Super well done to Ira!  I could really understand Ira when she said  “I didn’t want for one second that people thought I couldn’t do this. I didn’t want anyone to perceive this pregnancy as standing in my way”. When I was pregnant I felt that way – I was just so worried that my clients would think I will no longer be available for them or that my pregnancy would not allow me to be the best I can. But we should not feel this way and we should ensure that we keep empowering women – pregnant or not – we can still do what we do best. Well done Ira and I am sure you cannot wait to hold your little boy.

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