pregnant-244662_960_720As this government is busy trying to keep up with its own scandals many other issues are not being tackled and dealt with. Issues which affect each and every one of us and not the core group this Prime Minister has decided to protect. Last Sunday in the Sunday Times of Malta (page 6), Claire Caruana wrote about the fact that no maternity funds have been refunded to employers. This law was aimed to create more equality in the workplace. This government waved a banner about it – but it seems to be just capable of waving “marketing banners” but when it comes to implementation it does not deliver. As Mr. Joe Farrugia from the Malta Employers Association stated employers have been paying since July  6 of last year and to date no refunds have been effected as promised. As Mr. Farrugia  said “This is another instance where measures are introduced without any thought being given to their implementation”. We therefore have a government who does not think things through, who is keen on marketing ideas but not on delivering, who is too busy dealing with Panama and not the rights that touch workers and employers alike. A government who needs to truly start listening and start acting but it cannot as it is too much embroiled in scandals – one after the other.
Note: The government set up the Maternity Leave Trust Fund and employers contribute the equivalent of 0.3 per cent of the basic pay for every employee, irrespective of their gender, to build up the fund. Employers should then be refunded for the wages paid to the employees who take the 14 week maternity leave. 

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