SherylI really enjoyed reading this article by Sheryl Sandberg and it took me back to when I set up my firm in the UK – it was June 2009. I had zero clients and to an extent I had no option but to set up my own practice – I needed all the flexibility I could have as I was traveling between Malta and the UK because of my dad’s health. However by the time all the paperwork came through (in England the process is rather rigorous) my dad had passed away but a few days after the go ahead came though so I took it as a sign to get going. Named the firm Borg Knight Solicitors  and kept it niche. It was not easy but I managed and here is what I did:
Even though I had no clients I worked  8 hours, even 12 or more hours day – I hear you ask – what did you do all those hours if you had no clients! I did the following:


-Worked on the content of my website – it was my key to get in clients

– got on board someone to optimize it

– included the details of my new firm in every online directory that existed

– got some business cards done

– and attended loads and loads of networking events (and had many English breakfasts along the way)

– handed out my business card at ever opportunity – literally!

– attended free training organised by government on setting up a business

– and when clients started to call – I gave them the best I could and asked them to recommend me.

– I kept my costs to a minimum – I worked from the basement for a while .

Three years later I sold it and today I am still a consultant and then did it all again when I set up in Malta.

Of course it is not easy but it is surely worth it – I always tried to stay positive and dreamed too – I will never forget when my husband and I passed by a new business building and I said ‘I will have an office there one day’ he smiled and said ‘dream on’ – dreams do come true – was there in less than a year to when I had set up.

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