I am about to catch another Airmalta flight. I fly Airmalta very often – it is always my preferred option and every time I fly I truly have only words of praise for Airmalta employees – what a great service and when I can I like to talk to them and find out how they are doing in these uncertain times.
You see the employees – from baggage handlers,  to air traffic controllers, cabin crew, porters, pilots, office workers and every other employee working to make it such a great national airline, deserve to be respected.
They must be consulted and informed and most importantly their jobs must be protected and their terms and conditions not jeopardised.
airmaltI will keep following this closely because I strongly believe that Airmalta employees must be treated well and get the respect they deserve and from what I am hearing and reading this does not seem to be happening. #respect #airmaltaemployees #savingjobs 

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