Ros with dad I have mixed feelings about Father’s day. A part of me that feels sad because my father is not with us but, at the same time I know that the sadness lingers and I’d feel it on any other day. But whilst the sadness of loss does not seem to go away, Father’s Day somehow makes the pain stronger and the sadness deepe
r – it’s probably because today is meant to be a celebration and instead I feel a void. Perhaps I also feel cheated that my dad passed away at only 62.

On the other hand however, I now have my own little boy, so I edfeel happy that the man I love, the father of my son, gets to celebrate this occasion. I feel a warmth inside me but it is somehow not warm enough to take away the other feelings of longing and sadness, away. So I wish a happy Father’s Day to all dads and to the dads who have left us – keep watching over us. I also spare a thought to the dads who lost a child or anyone who may be having difficulty to become a father

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