brexitOver the past few days doom and gloom has dominated the media. Of course it is of great concern that the UK has decided to leave the EU however this decision has been made in a democratic way.

It is way too soon to start concluding whether this was a good or bad decision for the UK – both the short-term and long-term impact have to be both considered and only time will tell. I believe that as Maltese we should stick together and think of how we can strategically work with the UK and also keep our strong relationship with the EU. We have every right to voice our opinion but at the end of the day it is only the UK citizens who have experienced this first hand and only they know exactly how they felt and feel with regards to the EU.

It is time to listen and to take stock of what the EU should stand for and also ensure that we are all heard and not dictated to. I conclude by saying – this is about us staying united, putting together our best brains and experiences (whichever party this comes from) and have a good solid plan for our country.



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