Political Discussion photos 250Last Wednesday, I took part in a discussion during the TV programme Iswed fuq L-abjad, on NET TV. The discussion was about women in politics and it was organised together with Moviment Nisa Partit Nazzjonalista.

As expected, many interesting points were raised by the various guests but one thing in particular remained on my mind – it was a reference that Dr. Simon Busuttil made to the Global Gender Gap Report 2015 – this report ranks over 140 economies according to how well they are leveraging their female talent pool, based on economic, educational, health-based and political indicators. One would have expected to see Malta improving especially when Joseph Muscat got elected on the promise that gender equality would be a priority.

Political Discussion photos 229According to the report Malta is one of the worst performers in the world when it comes to female participation in the labour market. On labour force participation, this report ranks Malta 114 out of 136 countries, surpassed by only a few such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iran. I question why this promise (like many others) has not been kept. I also question why we have not stepped up as I truly believe that we can do much more on gender equality – we need actions and not words and certainly not appalling statistics. The PN under the leadership of Simon Busuttil has already taken steps to address this, and in fact, today, within the party structures, female participation has increased. I am convinced that once in government the PN will surely take action to address this issue which is a concern for each and every one of us – male and female.

A big well done to those involved for this initiative.

The gender gap report referred to in this article can be found here

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