I wrote my first letter to you, the electorate, back in March. My intention is to stay in touch, so here I go again keeping you updated with my doings.

pitchIt’s seems like another sizzling summer has hit us, and whilst I sometimes forget to do so myself, I cannot start this without reminding you to slap on that sun cream.

Every summer I can’t help but going down memory lane. The hot summer air seems to pull me back to those wonderful days of swimming at St. Julian’s pitch, playing (or trying my best) to play Water polo, and watching the real players train day in day out.
During those blissful days and nights, my only worry used to be about getting a lift back home because let’s face it, walking that steep hill back home to B’kara road, isn’t something anyone can take lightly. Thankfully, Nacitynnu Salvu always came to the rescue; we’d meet him at his bar – The City of London – squash into his blue Anglea, and off we went, back home safe and sound.

DadDuring the day I used to help my dad at his shop in Sliema and even though I was there on most winter days too, summer had that special feeling to it. Whilst making deliveries in that heat could have given anyone a serious sun-stroke, dad and I cracked on like there was no tomorrow. We were a good team dad and I.

I now realise that the older I get the less I seem to tolerate the heat but, I still love swimming and I hope that my little boy will grow to love the sea as much as I do.

Of course, there’s no rest for the wicked, and work on my campaign will go on throughout summer, but I will mainly be working on plans for the months ahead. In the meantime I will keep hosting my radio programme (Id-Dinja Tax-Xogħol) on Radio 101 every Wednesday at 8.00 p.m, and I am always ready to come and visit you for a chat.

If you would like a house visit during the summer months, for whatever it is that you wish to discuss, please do let me know by contacting me here or by sending me a private message on Facebook.

Aqra din l-ittra bil-Malti

One thought on “Another letter to the electorate… Keeping in touch”

  1. My goodness, is he truly your dad? I remember him about twenty years ago when I was a supervisor at the BHS, I used to buy the newspaper everyday from him and used to give me coins for the shop. What memories you have brought me. Give him my best regards and am so glad to me you, his daughter. How time flies my God.

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