Why I like my labour family, friends and acquaintances

im-right-1458410_6401. They help me stay objective – in politics it is very easy to just listen to the party line and forget to listen to the other side. Even if I don’t necessarily agree with what labour say or do it is still important to listen and yes even acknowledge that there are some good points.

2. They have a sense of humour and keep my sense of humour alive – as a candidate I often feel that life in politics is a lot of hard work – I am enjoying it to the full but that does not mean it is easy. So when I get a call from a labour friend or I call them and the conversation has some jokes about the political scene it is great to hear our laughters and giggles down the mobile line.

3. They give me a sense of hope that there is love and respect in this world – despite our disagreement on our political views and even at times hot debates I know that they love me for who I am and we respect each other.

4. They support me and want to see me do well – one would think that they would hate to see me get elected. This is far from the truth. I know they wish me well and some have even attended my activities to show their support or called to wish me luck.

5. They trust me – they know that they can speak to me in confidence and they know I will not breach that trust and I know I can speak to them in confidence too and I also know that I can trust those closest to me.

Will they vote for me?
That is for them to decide and whether they do or don’t I will always remember the good points and I know for a fact that they will call to give me their support if I don’t make it or they will call to congratulate me if I do make it.


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