vltIt is not about making money but it is about making history” – this is what someone recently told me when we were discussing politics and life in politics.
What a great statement and if only  we were to live by just this statement then I think we would surely be on the right track.
The recent approvals by the Planning Authority of the developments in Sliema and Mrieħel are developments which will surely generate money. Yes they will create work and they will generate business but is this what life is all about?
Have we forgotten to think about the bigger picture, our future and the future of generations to come?
euroMalta is what it is – a small island. Some may argue that we need to build higher because of the lack of horizontal space but what about all those abandoned properties and buildings? Perhaps it is high time that we look at what we already have and think outside the box.
The PN representative Ryan Callus voted NO to these projects and this in itself is surely something we cannot disregard – as much as rallies may be important it is votes which are effective and have a bearing on the final decision.
Making history may mean saying no to projects; it may mean looking at what we have and preserving it; it SHOULD mean, putting the common good at the forefront. 

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