“Labour is so cool”, “Labour is so progressive”, “Labour is just so there when it comes to civil liberties”. Just like many of you, I have heard these statements many times. Somehow, so many repeat them without stopping to think properly.

Labour is so cool and progressive and Minister Dalli is all about civil liberties right?

Tscreenshothink again. It is just so easy to talk but to walk the walk is something completely different.

Minister Dalli appointed Ronnie Pellegrini as the chief of staff at the Ministry for Social Dialogue, and let us not forget that this Ministry is also responsible for the area of equality, yes I say it again, equality.

Let us also not forget that a lot of equality laws (for example no discrimination allowed at the work place on various grounds including race and sexual orientation) came in force when Malta joined the EU (solely led by the PN).   And now, this Ministry has a Chief of Staff who thinks that it ok to give labourites (workers at the Saint Vincent de Paul home) preferential treatment. He actually says this openly on social media, and somehow he is still in office.

The fact that Minister Dalli has kept this individual in her Ministry holding such an important position says one of two things about her – Minister Dalli either approves if what he has done or, knows he did wrong but has decided to do nothing about it.

Helena DalliTo me both decisions lead to one conclusion – she is not all about equality and civil liberties.

Minister Dalli, should take action immediately and show us that her Ministry is what it really stands for – now THAT would be really cool, wouldn’t it?

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