onlineI must admit, I do spend a lot of time online – according to my partner way too much in fact. However social media is a great way to reach out to people and I am grateful for all those who follow my page and even interact with me, whether they agree or disagree with what I have to say. But besides the fact that I get my space to write and express my view I also get the opportunity to “listen” and even be part of discussions which can be meaningful.

babyI have a few favourites – When it comes to questions about my son and motherhood I always turn to Fun Loving Mums  – when Edward was born I remember asking one of my first questions there and I still turn to that page when I need help. One may say that the information can be obtained through a website but in my eyes nothing beats other personal experiences, of mums and their children.  

Another great resource is one that I actually had the honour to feature in  – is a great resource of information and the pampering they put me through before the interview is something I will always remember.  A big thank you to all the mummies out there who are always willing to share their experiences. Another of my favourite is Women for Women – so many amazing women. My personal most favourite thread was the one where many of us posted what we do – and the variation of skills and different paths that have been taken is just staggering. I always knew that there are many great women out there but seeing it all on black and white and interacting with many of them is just a different story. Of course the pages that deal with my locality or neighbouring localities are also of interest to me and when it comes to these pages it is important that the residents are heard and action is taken. If I am missing out on any great groups or pages do drop me a line and let me know please!

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