When I was an employee, working for a great boss was always fundamental for me and thankfully, throughout the majority of my career, I have been blessed with good bosses. Today I am self-employed so, except for my clients, I don’t report to anyone. Being a new candidate on the Nationalist Party ticket however, means that I do have a reporting line. As a candidate you are part of a team of people, and just like in any organisation there are rules and policies to be followed and reporting procedures to be adhered to.
simonOnce again I feel blessed to be reporting to a great leader – Simon Busuttil. He has an open door policy and I like that, and I also like the fact that if there is something I want to put forward, discuss, or raise, he is always there and is always responsive.  I admire the fact that he is always so prepared and focused and that whenever he’s asked a a question, I know that he’ll give a good answer. The greatest thing about Simon Busuttil, is that he has standards – this to me is very important as I strongly believe that as a country we should always aim to have good standards and to keep aiming higher. He is honest and has integrity even in these days when such characteristics seem to be fading away from the way Malta is being run. Of course he is not perfect – who is? But I like working with him and I like being part of his team because I share a lot of his values and he is determined to make a difference. I truly think that Simon Busuttill should be our next Prime Minister and thus having him as my boss is an honour and a privilege.

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