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Simon BusuttilSome people believe that you’re either born with good presentation and public speaking skills or you’re not. However, truth be told, whilst some people are naturally talented at speaking in front of crowds, I know for a fact that it is a skill that can be learnt and perfected.

I have always been the kind of person to enjoy a good speech or a good presentation and, because a good part of my work involves addressing audiences – small and even larger groups – I know how hard it can be to keep an audience captured and interested.

So when the leader of The Opposition, Simon Busuttil addressed thousands of supporters at the mass meeting last week, I held my breath and hoped for a very good speech. Knowing just how intimidating such an experience can be, and how easily it can go wrong, I waited in trepidation to see what happens. I worried in vain of course, because he managed to beat my expectations on every level!

I have to say, the speech Simon Busuttil gave was great from beginning to end. I especially loved how he opened his address by talking about his family.

Let’s face it, we all have our story and by openly sharing his, he helped us relate to him, his family and his situation. He even took care to mention the illnesses that haunt many families – for example cancer and diabetes – and he did this because he is determined to make life better for all of us.

Referring to the 52nd anniversary of Malta’s Independence, Dr Busuttil said he was very proud that it had been the Nationalist Party who had the vision and the courage to fight for Malta’s Independence. He added however, that it is high time that in addition to celebrating the anniversary, we should also take it upon ourselvesto Make Malta better.

He mentioned what he would do had he to be given the power to do so – from making sure the elderly are better looked after to bettering the opportunities for the youths, from assisting the retail sector, to helping those who rent properties and much much more.

I have full faith that the commitments he mentioned during this speech are real and that he is primed to achieve results, just like when he achieved great results on what we are still enjoying today – membership in the European Union. The crowd was reminded that when others were advising against EU membership, Simon Busuttil was there to persuade us to vote otherwise.

It is clear, at least to me, that Simon Busuttil has pledged honesty to the Maltese public and this is something Malta is lacking and needs. As proof of this, he welcomed people who had always voted for the Labour Party but who, that night had decided to join in the mass meeting.

“I have no government jobs which I can offer you. I cannot buy your votes. I cannot be bought and I am not willing to sell my soul. But I can offer you something that others cannot – honesty!” he said.

And finally, as a true leader, he stated one of the main missions that a government led by the Nationalist Party would undertake – to eradicate corruption, and to make everyone involved in it pay.

To me, Simon Busuttil’s speech came from the heart.

To me, it was a speech of a determined man with a vision.

To me, those words belong to a man who deserves to be our next Prime Minister.

Dr. Roselyn Borg – PN Candidate 9th and 10th District

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