Roselyn BorgRewind to 2013 – the loss for the PN was hard to swallow. But the people had spoken – people wanted change – they wanted the changed promised by Joseph Muscat.

Now fast forward to today and we got the change – the change none of us ever expected – the unprecedented corruption, the lack of transparency and the total lack of credibility in this government.

However in parallel to all that has been happening to this Labour government– just the opposite is happening to the PN. We are climbing up whilst this government has hit rock bottom with nothing in sight which could help it go up again; on the contrary, it seems to be digging itself deeper with every passing day

Has it been easy for the PN? No of course not – we had to go back to the drawing board, evaluate and learn from the mistakes we made. In 2013 we had become the party in opposition  – but then, as time passed, and under the great leadership of Simon Busuttil, we went from just being a party in opposition to being a strong and effective opposition.

We left no stone unturned and we will keep doing so. However in just 3 years with all the proposals and all the hard work we are not just an effective opposition but we are a viable alternative government.

In the last few days, just like we have been doing throughout the term so far, another 91 proposals have been issued in the Pre Budget document – not 1 or 2 but 91.  These are proposals our country desperately needs because we are facing serious challenges such as the fact that no new economic sectors have been created and, because our reputation as a country has been damaged.

The proposals established by the PN are divided in five sectors – economic development, public spending, social justice, environment and the infrastructure, health and education.

These proposals complement previous documents issued by the PN, including the documents on Economy for the People and Reducing Traffic Congestion.

Proposals can easily be kept close to one’s chest until the right time comes, but the right time for the PN is all the time, because every day that passes we want to be there to make life better for everyone.

We are prepared to govern and everyone knows what is being proposed – this is one true road map and everyone is encouraged to join us in this journey and to bring the real change that this country desperately needs.

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