budget-treeI must admit I had high expectations for this budget. I thought that this Government would try to swing us back with a golden budget – you know give us all something positive to talk about after all the negativity and grief this Government has given our country.
But today we wake up to no cheaper petrol or electricity.
We wake up to traffic and no long term solution to this.
We wake up to taxes on various products and we wake up to having increases which are still not good enough to eradicate poverty.
Is it all bad? – no it is not – at least this budget takes on board some of the suggestions of the Opposition, for example, the removal of income tax on pensions.
What is most worrying about this budget is the lack of vision – no creative measure to better our economy and to preserve the environment.  
We deserve to wake up to a better Malta and Gozo and we can wake up to this when the day arrives for us to vote and to bring the change we all deserve.
It is up to us!

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