The PN has issued a number of proposals on various topics, including the pre-budget documents, a document entitled An Economy for the People as well as a document dealing with the traffic issue we have in our country and proposals focusing on good governance.

All these proposals show the Party’s clear vision and transparency on how we would work where we to be in government.

They are all important however I must admit that the document launched at the PN General Council last Sunday is one I hold close to my heart and I can strongly relate to. My dad owned a shop – the smallest shop in Sliema and I was brought up helping him and working with him from a very young age. Besides this I am now self-employed so I also know the struggles and challenges of being self-employed.

The document which was launched deals with exactly just that – the Retailers and small businesses. It has a total of 51 proposals and truly caters for what shop owners and traders really need. A few proposals which I know will help this sector are the following: the SISA that has been introduced by this government shall be removed; part of the VAT that is collected from shops will be redirected to the locality of where the shops are located and a sure winner is the reduction of tax – the proposal is for tax to be at the rate of 10% for those earning up to 50,000 euro per year.

These proposals will mean that a large number of people will be effected positively, it shows the commitment the PN has to help the smaller enterprises and in turn thousands of employees and families will benefit.

This is what this country needs and it is up to us to give the PN a chance to govern and to bring the change we desperately need as well as to take Malta to the next level – it is what the PN is known for after all – improving and bettering our country and helping us reach our aspirations.

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