We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back…

It’s woman’s day once again and as I scrolled through the many good wisher messages, I came across a press statement issued by Aditus – a statement that couldn’t have explained today’s gender situation any better, a statement that I cannot but embrace and endorse.

Aditus point out (very rightly so) that “the presence of women in Malta’s highest democratic institutions is alarmingly low: only 16% o electoral candidates in 2013 were women, one female cabinet Minister out of 14, nine female Members of Parliament, and six female judges out of 23.” Aditus goes on to explain that this situation is not the result of not having capable women to choose from and to appoint. On the contrary, for years, “female graduates have outnumbered male ones and the proportion of female electoral candidates who get elected is far higher than it is for male colleagues and girl’s overall exam performance exceeds that of boys.”

23% of the PN’s candidates are female – I am one of them. The PN has also made changes to its statute to ensure more female participation it its internal structures.

So, let’s face it, it’s up to the electorate to make a difference. It’s up to the electorate to vote for capable women. It is up to the electorate to bring about the much-needed change and improvement in the gender gap.

And finally here’s a shameless plug for Burning Bikinis – a film co-produced by aditus foundation and Subway Lab that takes a look at Malta’s feminist movement and praises it for its achievements, bravery and commitment. Watch the trailer here.


Happy women’s day to all.

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