The PM must and, should have resigned

One may argue that the PM’s wife being the beneficial owner is just an allegation.

I think the facts speak for themselves and a PM, as well as any politician is bound by standards that cannot and should not be expected to be the same as in a criminal court of law (to prove beyond reasonable doubt).

Even if the allegations are not true the PM has a clear conflict of interest – he cannot hold this position whilst the investigation is ongoing. He must and should have stepped aside.

His focus should be to clear his name and that of his wife and he cannot do this whilst running the country and potentially having an influence on the process and outcome.

The allegations are there and will not go away, so he is the one that must go but he is holding on to power – the power which he has abused of and the power which has tainted our country.

With this PM at the helm we shall not climb up and be at the top where we all deserve to be.

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