About Me

I’m a lawyer by profession with more than 10 years’ experience practicing law both in Malta and in the UK. I am specialised in employment law and concentrate primarily on disputes concerning employment matters representing both employers and employees in Industrial Tribunal cases.

I am also a very new and inexperienced mum, learning the ropes whilst raising my adorable little boy, Edward, the best way I can. Since I am passionate about law and order, when it came to motherhood, with all its complexities and stresses, I couldn’t do it without the help and collaboration of my loving partner – Crispian.

As challenging as raising a child can be, it is also the greatest experience that ever happened to us, in fact, even though we’re legally divorced, Crispian and I are back together giving our relationship a second chance.

I decided to run on the Nationalist Party’s ticket because I truly believe that we can do better for our country, that we can deliver the standards that our society deserves and because I feel very strongly that democracy is about rights and not personal favours.

Since I have joined the Party I have worked closely with Kuntatt PN, Solidarjetà Ħaddiema PN and the  Forum għall-Intrapriżi Żgħar u Medji PN. For the last months I have been also doing newspapers’ scan on Radio 101 on a weekly basis. In November 2017 I have been elected to represent the Party’s General Council on the Executive Committee and subsequently elected as the Party’s International Secretary.