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Cool talkers Vs cool doers – why labour fail the test

“Labour is so cool”, “Labour is so progressive”, “Labour is just so there when it comes to civil liberties”. Just like many of you, I have heard these statements many times. Somehow, so many repeat them without stopping to think properly. Labour is so cool and progressive and Minister Dalli is all about civil liberties […]

Equality yes, but not at the cost of the Constitution

As most can imagine, I’m all for equal rights, and the need for the gender balance to be addressed across the board, and especially within the higher echelons of society. That said however, I do not condone the practice of appointing women to certain posts if they are not qualified or experienced enough for the […]

Let’s lend a hand, not a hand-out

A couple of days ago, the world celebrated International Day of People with Disabilities. Whilst this is a very special day dedicated to celebrate people’s resilience, it is also a day during which we raise much needed awareness about the hardships that people with disabilities still face. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, the […]