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We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back…

It’s woman’s day once again and as I scrolled through the many good wisher messages, I came across a press statement issued by Aditus – a statement that couldn’t have explained today’s gender situation any better, a statement that I cannot but embrace and endorse. Aditus point out (very rightly so) that “the presence of […]

Walking the walk not just talking the talk

The PN has issued a number of proposals on various topics, including the pre-budget documents, a document entitled An Economy for the People as well as a document dealing with the traffic issue we have in our country and proposals focusing on good governance. All these proposals show the Party’s clear vision and transparency on […]

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it

Rewind to 2013 – the loss for the PN was hard to swallow. But the people had spoken – people wanted change – they wanted the changed promised by Joseph Muscat. Now fast forward to today and we got the change – the change none of us ever expected – the unprecedented corruption, the lack […]

Words of conviction, words from the heart

This article was first published on the Malta Independent. Some people believe that you’re either born with good presentation and public speaking skills or you’re not. However, truth be told, whilst some people are naturally talented at speaking in front of crowds, I know for a fact that it is a skill that can be […]

Sailing in the right direction

Discussing and following politics has always been part of my daily routine and since I became a candidate for the Nationalist Party, many people including my closest friends, enjoy discussing politics with me. While I am not complaining, I feel the need to address a recurring comment made by many: “The Nationalist Party and the […]

If you want to look backwards, look at it all….

There are a number of scandals going on – the list is endless. This government has decided to keep us busy however he is not keeping us busy with new projects or some innovative ideas but with scandals and broken promises. Shame. What is also so scandalous is the fact that this government is trying […]