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We cannot all succeed if half of us are held back…

It’s woman’s day once again and as I scrolled through the many good wisher messages, I came across a press statement issued by Aditus – a statement that couldn’t have explained today’s gender situation any better, a statement that I cannot but embrace and endorse. Aditus point out (very rightly so) that “the presence of […]

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it

Rewind to 2013 – the loss for the PN was hard to swallow. But the people had spoken – people wanted change – they wanted the changed promised by Joseph Muscat. Now fast forward to today and we got the change – the change none of us ever expected – the unprecedented corruption, the lack […]

Cool talkers Vs cool doers – why labour fail the test

“Labour is so cool”, “Labour is so progressive”, “Labour is just so there when it comes to civil liberties”. Just like many of you, I have heard these statements many times. Somehow, so many repeat them without stopping to think properly. Labour is so cool and progressive and Minister Dalli is all about civil liberties […]