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Walking the walk not just talking the talk

The PN has issued a number of proposals on various topics, including the pre-budget documents, a document entitled An Economy for the People as well as a document dealing with the traffic issue we have in our country and proposals focusing on good governance. All these proposals show the Party’s clear vision and transparency on […]

Budget 2017 – Malta jixirqilha aħjar

Ikolli nammetti li kelli aspettattivi kbar għal dan il-baġit. Ħsibt li dan il-Gvern kien se jipprova jiġbidna lura b’baġit tad-deheb – taf kif, jagħtina lkoll xi ħaġa pożittiva biex niddiskutu wara n-negattività u l-pessimiżmu kollu li dan il-Gvern ikkawża fuq pajjiżna. Iżda għal darb’oħra llum qomna, u l-fjuwil u l-elettriku għadhom ma roħsux. Qomna biex erġajna sibna ruħna fit-traffiku, […]

Words of conviction, words from the heart

This article was first published on the Malta Independent. Some people believe that you’re either born with good presentation and public speaking skills or you’re not. However, truth be told, whilst some people are naturally talented at speaking in front of crowds, I know for a fact that it is a skill that can be […]

Joseph Muscat admits he made wrong decisions – Mizzi & Schembri sacked

This is the news headline every morning I wake up looking for in our local newspapers or online. However I have been waiting and waiting like many of you and this headline has never been published and nor will it ever be. Why? Because since the Panama scandal broke the headlines are about the revelation […]